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SGS's Testing, Inspection, and Certification Services


In the dynamic landscape of global industries, the significance of impeccable quality, unwavering safety standards, and reliable certifications cannot be overstated. 

SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), a vanguard in the realm of testing, inspection, and certification services, stands as the bedrock of assurance for businesses and consumers across the globe. 

Collaborating in pursuit of a shared vision, SGS has joined forces with Coremeta Digital Agency to give birth to the TIC Mall – an avant-garde digital platform meticulously designed to revolutionize accessibility to SGS’s multifaceted services.

At the heart of this groundbreaking project lies an alliance between SGS’s unparalleled domain proficiency and Coremeta’s expertise in digital transformation. Together, they are forging an online haven known as the TIC Mall, a digital epicenter where clients seamlessly navigate SGS’s extensive spectrum of testing, inspection, and certification solutions. Be it manufacturing, agriculture, technology, healthcare, or any other sector, the TIC Mall stands as a singular point of convergence, equipping businesses and individuals to ensure compliance, validate product quality, and instill unwavering consumer confidence.

SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester1
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
Challenge & Goal

Digital Consultation & Technical Planning

In this bold venture, the Coremeta team places paramount emphasis on digital consultation, pioneering user experience design, and crafting user interfaces that transcend the ordinary. Beyond mere aesthetics, the TIC Mall is meticulously engineered to be intuitive, user-centric, and effortlessly navigable. From the inception of the user journey to the final certification, every step is adorned with digital innovation and user empowerment.

Elevating this project further, Coremeta’s mastery in e-commerce development and Woocommerce integration comes to the forefront. The TIC Mall transcends being a static platform; it’s a dynamic marketplace where clients interact with SGS’s services in real-time. Seamless transactions, user-friendly shopping carts, and secure payment gateways redefine how businesses access critical services.

SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
SGS TIC Mall Coremeta Digital Agency Coremeta Manchester
CRM Integration

Elevating Client Engagement in the TIC Mall Experience

However, the brilliance of this venture doesn’t halt here. Coremeta’s proficiency extends to CRM integration, ensuring that client relationships are managed seamlessly. From initial inquiries to post-certification support, the TIC Mall exudes a commitment to holistic client satisfaction. The integration of CRM technology acts as the connective tissue, enabling SGS to build enduring relationships based on trust and reliability.

In the grand tapestry of this collaboration, the TIC Mall isn’t merely a website; it’s an embodiment of digital evolution, a symphony of consultation, design, and technological fusion. It’s where SGS’s heritage of assurance converges with Coremeta’s prowess in crafting digital experiences. Together, they’re creating not just a platform, but a legacy – a legacy that showcases how digital consultation, user experience, e-commerce development, Woocommerce, and CRM integration intertwine to forge the future of industry services.

Charting the Future

A Collaborative Odyssey of Innovation and Service Excellence

The TIC Mall project marks a pivotal juncture where SGS’s expertise converges with Coremeta Digital Agency’s digital prowess. This collaboration reshapes how clients access testing, inspection, and certification services.

The TIC Mall isn’t just a website; it’s an immersive experience. User-centric design, e-commerce functionality, and seamless CRM integration redefine client interactions. This synergy underscores a commitment to trust, efficiency, and innovation.

As the TIC Mall comes to life, it heralds a future where industries are seamlessly connected, powered by digital consultation, user-focused design, and cutting-edge technology. This is a chapter of partnership, evolution, and enhanced service delivery – setting a precedent for the future of industry engagement.

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