Transforming Alcatel's Digital Presence

Revamping UX/UI, Development & Ongoing Maintenance

Alcatel Mobile

Revamping Alcatel’s digital presence through a comprehensive project encompassing User Experience design, User Interface design, development, and ongoing maintenance.​

Coremeta had the privilege of partnering with Alcatel to revamp their digital platform. Our expert team focused on transforming their user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to create an engaging and intuitive interface. We implemented cutting-edge development techniques to ensure a seamless and efficient website. 

Additionally, our dedicated team continues to provide ongoing maintenance and server updates, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. This project showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results that align with our client’s objectives.

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Challenge & Goal

Low website traffic and truncated average visit duration

Alcatel is committed to delivering innovative, feature-rich, and consumer-oriented experiences that simplify technology for electric devices. We offer a diverse portfolio of value-packed products equipped with the latest popular and trendy technology. As the mobile purchase landscape has shifted away from traditional offline channels, Alcatel has adapted to the competitive environment by establishing e-commerce platforms.

However, as an international enterprise managing over 30+ websites across different countries and regions, we understand the challenges of effective website management. Complex and tangled websites can hinder the willingness of internet users to browse and spend time on our platforms, leading to a decline in sales performance.

At Alcatel, we recognize the importance of seamless and user-friendly website experiences. We are committed to streamlining our online presence, ensuring that our websites are easy to navigate and optimized for enhanced user engagement. By eliminating website complexities, we aim to create a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience that drives sales and boosts customer satisfaction.


Streamlining International Websites for a Unified Experience

To address the challenge of managing multiple international websites, Alcatel embarked on a project to revamp and unify its web presence. The focus was on simplifying the website structure by merging overlapping pages and creating a cohesive design language.

By consolidating its mother site and implementing a user-friendly UX and UI design, Alcatel aimed to enhance the browsing experience and attract higher volumes of website traffic. Additionally, our team provided comprehensive website hosting and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation and timely resolution of technical issues.


Increased Site Engagement and Browsing Time

The digital transformation efforts yielded positive results, with visitors spending significantly more time on the Alcatel official website. On average, site visitors now spend an additional 2 minutes exploring the content, which is five times longer than before the revamp.

This extended browsing time indicates the success of the website renovation in capturing user interest and driving higher volumes of website traffic. With more visitors dedicating time to product browsing, enhanced website performance contributes to improved sales performance and customer engagement.

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